love marriage and arranged marriage

love marriage and arranged marriage
love marriage and arranged marriage

Love Marriage Or Arrange Marriage

Now a days every one think that either he or she go for Love marriage or arrange marriage. Actually this is a very sensitive topic, some people want to do love marriage because they think that love marriage is more better than to do arrange marriage. Their point of view is this, that they think before living together in their whole life they should know each other & also meet each other so they come to know about their likes, dislikes & other habits which can’t be possible in arrange marriages in our society. You know we live in Pakistan which is quite a conservative country & where people don’t like that girl & boy meet before marriage, but now trend change even in arrange marriages girl & boy meet with each other, talk every day & this also helps to understand each other but I think the instinct of do love marriage is not full fill by this also.

Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage is become a very important question for everyone, some have the opinion that arrange marriages are more better because in love marriages usually in our society & culture, family don’t support mostly & also do not interfere in the issues of couple.People say that love marriages mostly get failed because  ego problems comes & because of this they do fight.Like before marriage if one from them come,if other one is angry but after marriage you could only think about that & the reason is Ego problem…..
But I say  whether you do love marriage or arrange marriage, if you have understanding & you trust on your life partner than you can face every problem. So if you intend to do love marriage or arrange marriage, believe me just trust on your life partner your life will be beautiful as like you think it could be. Love marriages also have many benefits, main is that you know each other very well  so couple can adjust very fast for each other. According to a research who do marriage by their Parents opinion Or Match Maker tend to feel more love for each other & it grows & grows as time grows. Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage, couple must have a good compatibility rate among them & that requires a  chemistry!!!!

Re marriage

re marriage
Actually a marriage starts always from happiness.Couple feeling that they are falling in love with each other & every one say that early marriage life is beautiful.At that time both feeling that they are the perfect match for each other because they don’t know much about their habits and  than this early married life replaced by arguments & fights & than they come to know that they cant live under one roof that leads to Divorce & remarriage.The increasing rate of divorce & remarriages in Pakistan is considered a shame because in the past few decades this word is un heard in pakistani Society. basically pakistan is conservative country even if the woman is unhappy not think about divorce because she don’t want that this label attach with her name & personality.Mostly women do compromises due to many reasons e.g financial burden,social pressure & her family not supporting her.She prefer to live a unhappy married life rather to divorced.
So another most important factor in increasing rate of divorce & remarriages is financial independence of women,intolerant attitude.Basically Pakistan is a male dominating society & want their wives to stay at home,look after their children & parents & leave their careers & professional life.Sometimes this situation worse & play a vital role in increasing rate of divorce & remarriages.In my view Marriage is not an important task,commitment is very important thing. Lack of privacy is also the cause of Increasing rate of divorce especially it happens in joint system which cause problems between the couple & leads to divorce.Sometimes divorce have bad impact on your life,your health suffers a lot.Mutual tolerance & compromise can decrease the rate of divorce.
In Pakistan the feeling of superiority also the main cause of divorce & remarriages. There is problem in Asian males that they don’t like female dominance, this can also lead to divorce. We can down the rate of divorce, all causes of divorce should be looked in to & corrected, and that’s the only key to have successful married life. We should not complain about our life partner, we should change ourselves for them this is love & commitment.So just renew your love by discussing your problems & issues with your life partner, Not Divorce but getting remarried is the right Solution!!!!!

second marriage

second marriage


The act of man having more than one wife is called Polygamy. The need of second marriage arises If a married man is childless with his first wife, family members might recommend to marry a second wife.As you know that we are Muslims  & our religion is Islam. Islam gives permission to man that he can carry more than one wife,but if he is able/eligible to take second wife physically and financially & for man he should treat  his both wives in equal ways. You hear mostly that is necessary to take permission from first wife to do second marriage but according to some scholars it is not necessary to take permission from the first wife to do second marriage .    a husband should treat his with justice & show respect.
The need of second marriage arises in our society due to many reason,first of all & the very important reason is that husband is involved in some one else that also ends in second marriage.The need of second marriages arises in our society if you have no children from your first wife or you have only in this situation the family of husband pressurize him to do second marriage.Some peoples have not fully healed from first marriage & they jump to second marriage very quickly like a fry pan is jumped into fire.A common saying is that a man cant forgets his first love & first wife.Because of this reason the second marriage fail.
The need of second marriage arises mostly in our society due to husband family because they are the persons who play vital role in second marriage. Many people do second marriage because they are forced into it. The need of second marriage arises when there are some financial pressures,social pressures & also emotional pressures which leads second marriage. A common saying is that second marriage is more difficult than a first one.Sometimes if a husband is fall in love with other lady than that lady demands mostly to give divorce to first wife,&  that’s how her life destroyed even their children suffer a lot by this act.What you think in our society that divorced woman can live easily. Your answer must be in negative because she will suffer & if she have children they are the main victom of this act.So just think about your children before you want to do second marriage.Dnt throw your blood in the world of social animals.
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